Wayne McKinzie

Wind Synthesizer
Alto Sax
Soprano Sax
Stage Antics

Wayne has a B.A. from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa, where he majored in art and also participated in the lab band, theater, played football, and ran track. He is a composer as well, and has written in a wide variety of styles. His compositions include works for solo guitar, guitar and cello duets, and songs in folk, rock, gospel, and jazz idioms.

Wayne's participation in bands includes. . .

  • BUENA VISTA LAB BAND—(1970'S)—jazz

    Alto sax, flute, & percussion.

  • AMBER DAWN—(1975-1979)—folk/rock

    Guitar, banjo, alto sax, & flute.

Wayne has also spent some time performing in a gospel quartet at South Hills Christian Church, and began in July of 1999 as part of the Folk Mass music group at Trinity Episcopal Church here in Fort Worth, where Brothers 3 has performed several times. For several years, he was Director of Contemporary Music at TEC, which means he selected and arranged material for the Folk Mass, as well as rehearsing and leading the musicians and choir during the Mass. He has since left his duties there to spend more time with his familiy, especially his energetic son Tucker (who is becoming quite the accomplished drummer and percussionist in his own right), as well as creating and heading up a non-profit organization dedicated to therapeutic massage for cancer patients. He joined Brothers 3 in October of 1999.

Young Wayne To "supplement" his income from Brothers 3, Wayne works as a massage therapist and has kneaded the kinks out of several band members. He is also an accomplished artist of the visual persuasion and has work hanging in two local area galleries: Edmund Craig Gallery in Fort Worth, and in Dallas at the Craighead-Green Gallery.