Tom 'T-mix' Menikos
Tom 'T-Mix' Menikos


Elementary school: studied viola and music theory
Middle & high school: viola, drums and music theory
Studied classical guitar and theory at TCJC So Campus. Took private lessons in singing from 1990-91

He has. . .

  • recorded, mixed, and/or performed on numerous jingles, demos, and other studio projects.
  • run sound for churches, special events, club dates and outdoor concerts.
  • performed with several local bands.

Tom's participation in bands includes. . .

  • WHITE HARVEST—(1976-78)—folk gospel

    Rhythm guitar and vocals. Performed at childrens' homes, homes for unwed mothers, and churches, as well as radio broadcasts, restaurants, and outdoor events.

  • LIVING WORD CHURCH—(1981-92)—contemporary worship

    Rhythm guitar, drums, and vocals. Played weekly in worship band. Recorded and edited weekly television spots. Operated as interim Music Minister for 2½ years.

  • REDEEMED—(Later renamed Entourage, 1990-93)—R&B gospel

    Drums. Performed at African Arts Hurembay Festival, churches, weddings, and other special events including: University of Texas at Arlington Harvest Of Praise GospelFest, Will Rogers Coliseum Boy's Ranch Benefits. Performed along with Kelly Willard, The Wills Family, and Big John Hall. At the Footloose concerts, Redeemed/Entourage opened for performers such as Jerome Olds, Bruce Carrol, and Paul Smith.

  • MONTH OF SUNDAYS—(1994)—70's to 90's variety band

    Drums and vocals. Played for weddings, receptions, and other events at places such as Thistle Hill in Fort Worth.

  • HEARTWORKS—(1994-96)—contemporary Christian variety

    Drums. Mostly Southern-rock/folk-style Christian group performing at various outdoor events, housing projects, coffee houses, and youth events.

  • TRINITY NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP—(1992-present)—contemporary worship

    Drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. Plays for regular weekly worship services.

    Young Tom
  • BROTHERS 3—(1997-present)—Celtic/World Beat

Tom is the owner/engineer of
T-Mix Studio, where Brothers 3 records.