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NOTE: All clips are in MP3 format and of approximately 30 seconds in length.
 1. Cool Doctor   (4:25)

Cooley's Reel and Dr. Gilbert's Reel in a high-energy fusion setting.

 2. I Once Loved A Lass   (4:50)

A sad and tender ballad of unrequited love.

 3. Strathspey & Reel   (2:45)

Two Scottish dances, The Highlanders' Farewell to Ireland and Chuir Glún Air á Bhodach, done in sort of a 60's Pop-Rock fashion.

 4. The Minstrel Boy   (4:04)

The classic Irish air done pretty straight, for us.

 5. Joy & Cairngorum   (6:00)

Joy Gae Wi' Ye, Me Love, and Cairngorum Mountain, two ancient Scottish piping tunes. Ye jest gotta hear'em.

 6. The Diamond   (2:51)

Our version of the classic whaling tale.

 7. Two Gavottes   (3:15)

Two earthy dance tunes from Brittany, in a Jazz-Rock style. Very saxy!

 8. The Swallowtail   (2:17)

Mark and Martin get down to basics with fiddle and bodhran on The Swallowtail Reel and Glass of Beer.

 9. Henry Martin   (3:58)

A rollickin' good tale of piracy on the high seas.

10. Chicago Reel   (3:16)

A reel quite popular with Irish musicians, done in sort of an Asian setting, with Native American undertones.

11. Sergeant Monaghan   (4:36)

The Recruiting Sergeant, providing a humorous twist on the arbitrary conscription of young Irishmen into the British Army, followed by Monaghan's Jig — stylin' cool jazz.

12. Both Sides the Tweed   (4:39)

With the kind permission of composer Dick Gaughan and Topic Records.

13. Rasta Reel   (3:45)

What can we say? Two Irish reels in a Reggae setting, featuring Martin McCall on a percussion solo. Jammin'!

14. The Curragh of Killdare   (5:26)

An ethereal and poetic ballad of longing.

15. Sleep Suite   (6:16)

A symphony of Scottish dance numbers:

  • Sleep Soond Inna Mornin'
  • Throw the Cloak O'er the Bishop
  • The Maids of Isla
  • The De'il Amang the Tailors

Over one hour of music in the unique stylings of Brothers 3. From the sweetly delicate I Once Loved a Lass to the rowdy and danceable Sleep Suite, No Turning Back contains all the variety and fun of a Brothers 3 concert set.