Brothers 3 News Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Farewell, Farewell

Dear Friends and Fans,

I have some news for you:   After more than 12 years of concerts, shows, recordings, and rehearsals, Brothers 3 has retired.

There are a few reasons why this is happening—shrinking number of performances (caused in part by the economic slump), shrinking album and download sales, and increasing costs for say, fuel to get to rehearsals and concert venues. It's no exaggeration to say that for quite some time it's actually been costing the Brothers 3 members to be in the band.

However, while significant, those reasons were not by themselves enough to close the curtain on the only performance ensemble of it's kind in Texas, possibly even the country. We would have probably kept going just for the sheer fun of it. The fact is, that for about two years now one of the band members has had a medical condition develop to the point which—while not in any way life-threatening—has a profound impact on being able to play music. This, more than anything else, has caused us to evaluate our status and decide that the time was right to put Brothers 3 to rest.

And Nothing But The Truth

True B3 insiders don't need to be told this, but all of you really need to know that what I've said above is the whole truth (other than the personal details) and there is nothing more to be said. After all, four of us are family, and the other three have become more than merely friends and band mates over the years. There is a strong, loving bond among the members of this group that will never go away, no matter where we all end up over the course of our lives, and that includes our original guitarist Steve Jones who had to leave a few years back to be able to devote more time to his work and family.

The Last Dance

Our last concert was Friday, May 1st, at Lone Oak Winery in Burleson, Texas. It was memorable and deeply moving experience, and it was great fun.

And The Beat Goes On...

Those of you who came to see us on Saturday, March 7th, at the North Texas Irish Festival may have picked on the fact that there has been an offshoot of Brothers 3 created by members Martin McCall, Dave Ervin, and myself, which—for now, at least—is being called 3 Brothers 3. (Give it time... it'll grown on ya.) It's far more acoustic-oriented, and pretty folksy; lots of vocals, etc. We're having fun with and we're going to throw it out there and see how things go. So, the Brothers 3 legacy continues, after a fashion. If you think you might be interested in that, keep your eyes open for an email letting you know that a new website I'm building for the trio is up.

Your Privacy Is Very Important To Us...

Ah yes, email. You know the refrain; it's at the bottom of every message I send out. Totally private. Your address is never compromised, shared, sold, given away, or swapped. That same philosophy is going to extend to this new offspring, too. We get the fact that many of you probably fell in love with the big, loud, rich sound of seven people going great guns, and just may not be interested in a quieter, slimmed-down version of the band. That's just fine. That's also why I'm going to make you sign up again for the 3 Brothers 3 email newsletter separately. This is called "double-opt-in", and ensures that only those of you who really want to stick around and check out the new sound will get the messages. Trust me, it's for the best. So... respond to this newsletter, send a message to me at, or just wait until the new website's fully functional and you can listen to some song samples and sign up online if you like.

The End of An Era

I know, it's strange. For us, too! But like the song says:

Let's go out in a blaze of glory. All good things must end.

© 2004 Kenny Rogers

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