Martin McCall

The Unexpected

Winner of the Dallas Carmie Appice Drum Contest (1982)
Buddy Magazine "Texas Tornado" (1992)

After attending the University of North Texas. . .

  • Jazz with Aurora and Larry Coryell, world-renowned guitarist; Arthur Riddles, pianist; and Rhythmic Figments trio
  • Blues and R & B with Jerry LaCroix (Edgar Winter White Trash)
  • Fusion with Mark O'Connor, of The Dixie Dreggs
  • Rock, Pop, Reggae, Latin, Folk, New-Edge, World Beat, etc., with local artists:
    • Little Sister (Major label band)
    • ooga booga (Martin's own pseudo-world-beat all-original group. Annually billed, second in popularity to Brave Combo, at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival and Fort Worth Main Street Festival)
    • The Karen Bella Band, including performance with Dolette McDonald (back-up singer for The Police and Sting)
    • The Rodney Johnson Band, with Chuck Rainey (bassist for Steely Dan and Ricki Lee Jones)
    • Patrice Pike, Little Sister
    • Dallas,The Band with Bill Swicegood, performing on stage with Edgar Winter and Leon Russell
    • The Cricket Taylor Band
    • Flash To Bangtime, sharing the stage with UB40
    • The Zone, with Joseph Lee (Jazz Poll Winner in Guitar Player magazine
    • Between the Lines with Joseph Brenna, Kris-tin Kunhardt, Kim Corbett, Jamal Mohammed and Brad Houser (of The New Bohemians)
    • The Cheese (Improvisational group including Sara Hickman, Kim Corbett, Amy Seltzer, and a guy named Larry
    • Buck-N-the-System with T. Buck Burns, on a Texas compilation disc, Topcat Records, "Hot Rhythm and Cool Blues, Texas Style", also with Chuck Rainey
    • franklySCARLET, with Kim and Kelly Brown
    • M*A*S*H Farewell with Carver Plus - South Korea
    • Cardinal Points, a Nordic-influenced all-original eclectic world rock group. Black Horse Music Festival (England)
    • Bop Shoo Op (early 20th century blues)
    • New Hokum Boys jug band
    • Spirit Wind drum ensemble
  • Dance classes and performances, live and recorded, with choreographers:
    • Donna Moham, Brookhaven Community College; Karen Robinson, Moving Collaborations; Lori Darly, Dancers Unlimited; and The Dallas Black Dance Theater
    • D'drum members at the Dallas Theater Center
    • Turtle Creek Chorale at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
    • hai tex soundtrack albums Meditation and Medication
    • American Bedouin by Buddy Mohmed
    • ConunDrum (Martin's all-original fusion trio)

Current projects include. . .

  • Brothers 3
  • Rhett Butler, guitar virtuoso — Dallas Museum of Art Jazz Under the Stars, and the Dallas Guitar Show
  • Kobushi Japanese Taiko Drum Troupe at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
  • Hands (Progressive rock)
  • hai tex new-age soundtrack production (
  • hai (Martin's original concept band, based on the hai tex studio recordings, performing a fusion of all his styles
  • whoever is hiring

His performance art piece, "Visitations", is a work in progress.

Now living in Dallas, Martin originally hails from Lamar, Missouri. So what?

A one-year stint in Taiwan has given Martin a tendency to practice Kung Fulery and to bow instead of shaking hands.

Martin has a black belt in drumming.

Martin plays no Chinese music.

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