A few notes on Brothers 3 lyrics. . .

It's important to realize that the songs we sing in Brothers 3 have been carefully chosen, based on a number of factors like language, style, and content. There are a lot of classic folk songs out there that we just don't do. Furthermore, because we believe that folk music and song are living, growing art forms, you may find that our versions don't exactly "match" some that you've heard before. Although we've left our songs almost completely untouched from the way in which we've found them, some changes have been made:

Because some Irish and Scottish songs, in particular, can be extremely long —running to dozens of verses— we have often shortened songs, while trying to maintain as much of the essential storyline as possible. This is actually a pretty common technique among folk singers. (How many of you know all the verses to "Auld Lang Syne"?)

Another thing:   we decided in the beginning that we would stick to songs in English. There are, of course, thousands of beautiful and important songs in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, not to mention French and the Breton language. Although our policy on this may change someday, for now we want everyone to understand what we are singing.

A less common, and slightly more controversial issue is the actual changing of some words in a song. Some of the Scottish songs we do (notably Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie? on our first CD, "Brothers 3), are in the Lowlands dialect, with a great many words that don't appear in standard English. Where absolutely necessary for the rhythm or rhyme, we have left them in, but in most cases we've replaced these words or phrases with standard English. Again, this is to make the song more understandable by a greater number of people, and is tantamount to "translating" it into standard English.

We hope that everyone understands and is not offended by our approach to lyrics. All the choices we've made were only to make our performances more enjoyable, and we sincerly hope that we've done that.