Oh, fair thee well, sweet Ireland,
My own dear native home.
It breaks my heart to see friends part,
For it's then that the teardrops will fall.
I'm on my way to Americay,
Will I e'er see my homeland once more?
For now I leave my own true love
On Paddy's green shamrock shore.

Two of our anchors we did weigh
Before we left the quay.
All down the river we were towed,
'Til we came to the open sea.
We saw that night the grandest sight
We ever had seen before:
The sun going down 'tween the sea and the sky
Far from Paddy's green shamrock shore.

Our ship, she lies at anchor now;
She's standing by the quay,
May fortune bright shine down each night
As we sail all across the sea.
Many ships have been lost, many lives it has cost
On the journey that lies before.
With a tear in my eye, I'm bidding goodbye
To Paddy's green shamrock shore.

Early next morn, sea-sick and forlorn,
Not one of us was free.
And I myself was confined to my bed,
With no one to pity me.
No father or mother, no sister or brother
To raise my head when sore.
That made me to think of the family I left
Back on Paddy's green shamrock shore.

From Londonderry we did set sail,
It being the fourth of May.
On a sturdy ship to cover the trip
Across to Americay.
Fresh water then did we take in,
One hundred barrels or more,
For fear we'd run short before reaching port
Far from Paddy's green shamrock shore.

So fare thee well, my own true love;
I think of you night and day.
A place in my mind you surely will find,
Though you are so far away.
Though I am alone, and far from home,
I'll think of the good time before,
Until the day I make my way
Back to Paddy's green shamrock shore.

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