1. Dear youth, be advised by your pastor,
Consider how gallant men came
To ruin and destruction by drinking
And courting each charming dame.

If you terminate your existence
Without due repentance, you'll pay
For your courting and merry carousing
Before the first dawn of day.

2. The lectures of priests and of bishops,
Can never now me persuade,
But I can be pardoned for loving
An innocent, charming maid.

And who could have patience to suffer
The bloom of his youth to decay,
Without tasting the pleasures of life,
Before the first dawn of day.

3. Inflaméd by means of such pleasures,
Great Hercules perished in pain.
Priamus was killed in his palace,
And Hector by Achilles was slain.

And Paris did fatefully carry
The faithless Queen Helen away.
'Twas she that caused Troy to be burned.
Before the first dawn of day.

4. This life it is all full of gladness,
It's pleasures are more than it's pains.
Dear Father, I mean to enjoy them,
As long as my youth remains.

And when my last sickness is on me,
And Death comes to take me away,
'Tis then I'll repent my transgressions,
Before the first dawn of day.

5. When Death in an horrible manner
Shall seize you with woeful pain,
Your senses and reason shall vanish—
You'll think of contrition in vain.

Dear Youth, in your dangerous error,
Until the last moment, don't stay,
Or the Devil will pay you a visit,
Before the first dawn of day.

6. Now, I'll be advised by my pastor,
Henceforward his council I'll take.
No longer I'll follow the life
Of an insolent, turbulent rake.

My own lovely sweetheart I'll marry,
Fresh as the blossoms in May,
And I'll give up carousing completely
Before the first dawn of day.

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