On March the sixth, in '63,
We sailed from Queenstown quay-
A gallant band of Fenian men,
Bound for Americay.
While traveling with this gallant band,
As you will plainly see,
We were forced to go from sweet Claghrogh
Down Erin's lovely Lee.
Yes, I can tell where Crowley fell,
'Twas in Killcooney Wood.
And the tower that Captain Mackey sacked—
'Twas by his side I stood.
He gave the word, we raised our swords,
Which made the Tyrant frown.
And we raised the Green Flag o'er our heads:
The Harp without the crown.
For six long weeks we ploughed the sea,
From Queenstown quay in Cork.
Just like an arrow through the sky
'Til we landed in New York.
Those Yankee boys with stars and stripes
Came flocking 'round to see
The gallant band of Fenian men
From Erin's lovely Lee.
As I was leaving Ireland
I passed through sweet Kildare.
And if I'm not mistaken,
Wolf Tone lies buried there.
In going 'round by Dublin town
I passed Glasneven, too.
There lies young Robert Emmett-
A patriot, loyal and true.
Then one of them stepped up to me,
And asked me, "Did I know,
Thade Ford's in Inniscara,
Or Dan Healey's in Claghrogh?
And could I tell where Crowley fell
His native land to free?
Or the tower that Captain Mackey sacked
Down Erin's lovely Lee."
But now, I'm tired of rovin',
And the sea I will cross o'er.
To feel the clasp of honest hands
When I return once more.
When home I go to sweet Claghrogh,
The boys will welcome me.
And we'll help to float a Fenian boat,
Down Erin's lovely Lee.

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