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NOTE: All clips are in MP3 format and of approximately 30 seconds in length.
1.  Toss De Feddahs   (5:03)

There are a couple of well-known Irish tunes with the name Toss the Feathers. This is the other one. Rock 'n' Roll!

2.  Erin's Lovely Lee   (5:20)

An Irish emigration song. Some such are related to escaping the Great Famine, or British oppression. This song is the story of a young man off on an adventure to America.

3.  Gillie   (4:40)

Here's our take on what would happen if the Tijuana Brass were invited by accident to play at a Scottish céilí. The tunes in the arrangement are Gillie Callam Da Pheitheir and O! She's Comical.

4.  Flurry Reel   (4:04)

Forget the title. You are entering another place. . .a place where time has no meaning. . . you are sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. . .a view as ancient as the world itself.

5.  Rambling & Rakish   (4:29)

We've been doing this set since the beginning, and finally recorded it. Jeez, mon! A sailor says goodbye to his shipmates and heads landside for some new adventures. The tune in the second section is Rakish Paddy.

6.  Slip Me 5   (4:52)

The title of this set comes from taking a couple of popular Irish slip jigs — The Hills of Ireland and Kid on the Mountain — which are in 9/8 time, adding 1, dividing by 2, and coming up with 5/4. Got it? Never mind: it rocks anyway.

7.  Bonnie Suzie Clelland   (4:08)

Never was there a tale of more woe. . .

8.  The Rainy Day   (2:35)

Here be some funk in yo' face! The Irish reel The Rainy Day is followed by The Flowers of Redhill. Of course!

9.  Shamrock Shores   (5:37)

A young man leaves his belovéd Ireland for the romance of adventure on the high seas. Of course, he do take a little detour so'westerly. . .

10.  Pigeon On The Gate   (4:41)

This amusingly-titled tune is followed by The Merry Sisters. In this set we try to create a story in sound: a flow of mood from introspective to hopeful and exuberant.

11.  Grey Funnel Line   (4:58)

A classic story of the joys and sorrows of life on the open sea.

12.  Buttermilk Mary   (4:52)

This lovely and pensive tune is full of contrasts. It is the flow of time, a walk along a city street, emotions felt but not understood. . .

14.  The Foggy Dew   (4:52)

Courage. Loyalty. Faith. Death. Glory.

15.  Strop The Razor   (3:58)

A cheerful and playful little set of jigs. Take time out for some fun! Includes Jackson's Rollicking Jig.

16.  Da Shetlands   (6:19)

Back in the day, when a group of Scots were in the mood for a dance and there were no instruments present, someone might launch into a bit of mouth music — a rhythmic singing style that provided a good beat and usually a catchy refrain for the others to join in on. This is followed by a lively set of tunes from the Shetland Islands. It's cold up there, so expect some fast music to help keep a body warm. You were warned.