Dave Ervin

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

Welcome Brothers 3 newest addition!

Dave grew up in Seattle as part of a very musically oriented family. His grandfather was a very strong tenor who was offered a scholarship to Juilliard. He turned it down in favor of love (our kind of guy!), married Dave's grandmother and headed to Seattle to have a family.

Dave's got church choir directors, jazz guitarist and musical theater folks in his family, so he's always been exposed to many different types of music. He played clarinet and bass clarinet in the school orchestra and latched on to the guitar as a teenager. 70's rock music was a big influence on him and he cites Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix as some of his early favorites. He also loves to sing and has a terrific voice that was honed on Beatles harmonies.

Since his rock days he's become interested in a wide variety of music styles, and this, along with the talent level of the other players, is what initially drew him to Brothers 3. We can certainly satisfy that interest in variety!