Brothers 3: Brothers 3
 1.  Lark In The Morning / Langstrom's Pony   (4:32)

Two traditional Irish jigs.

 2.  The Wind That Shakes The Barley   (3:44)

A song of a man torn between love for his country and his woman.

 3.  High Reel   (3:45)

Somehow, this Celtic reel became a zydeco/boogie-woogie/shuffle. Hunh!

 4.  Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie?   (5:26)

As a man pleads with his love to let him in,an evocative image of the Scottish landscape is painted.

 5.  Dwyer's Hornpipe   (2:58)

What can we say? Shameless fun here.

 6.  Band Of Shearers   (5:49)

In this Scottish story of love among the fieldhands, the man promises that no matter what the discomforts, love will sustain them.

 7.  Stolen Apples   (3:17)

A jig, done as jazz waltz. You got a problem with that?

 8.  Crested Hens  (4:51)

A lovely waltz from the province of Brétagne in France.

 9.  The Priest And The Rake   (3:59)

A dialog between the sacred and the secular.

10.  Maid in the Cherry Tree   (3:46)

A clockwork cherry!

11.  Willie Macintosh   (1:41)

Following the murder of the Earl of Murray, the Macintoshes of Clan Chattan pillaged a castle and killed four men on an estate belonging to the Earl of Huntley. In retaliation, Huntly laid waste the lands of Clan Chattan. Returning home, he surprised the Macintoshes spoiling his lands and killed 60 of them.

12.  A Fig For A Kiss / The Butterfly / Morrisson's Jig   (4:49)

The first two pieces are a dance form called "slip jig" — 3 beats of 3. These are followed by one of the most popular of all the Irish jigs of those that are played at céilí—dance and music sessions.

Our first album, digitally remixed and remastered with added parts from Betsy and Wayne and a bonus track (#10) that didn't make on the CD the first time.